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2021.11.23 Stealing from VIP members is prohibited.
2021.11.22 Added purchases from the Philippines. The IP address is no longer displayed.
2021.11.21 A crown badge has been placed on VIP members. Game logo changed.
2021.11.19 Scissors error fixed.
2021.10.01 The game has been restarted. Critical bugs fixed.
2021.09.21 The game will be restart on October 1.
2021.07.15 Fishing is possible at the lake behind the northern gate. Previously, fishing was not allowed there.
2021.06.16 Corrections of grammatical errors were made in the dialogues on the Lithuanian server.
2021.03.25 The rest time is shortened by 1 second. Now the rest time coincides with the time displayed in the player information.
2021.03.19 You can move to a swampy forest with a flying carpet or a travel drink.

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