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2023.09.20 Fixed html code errors.
2023.04.26 Changes have been made with dwarfs. They will have less elixirs.
2023.04.15 Server changes. Should work better.
2023.03.24 Sorry for the inconvenience. There was a problem with the hosting and the game was down for two days. Systematic updates have been made to ensure game stability.
2023.02.23 The game has been moved to a new hosting (server). There were problems with the old hosting. Sorry for the inconvenience. Players were saved, but clans, castles and other data could not be restored.
2023.02.02 Lithuanianization of the game on server 1 has been completed. Wherever there should be Lithuanian letters (ąčęėįšųūž), they are inserted. Please let me know if you find any errors.
2023.01.31 Minor changes with wolf island map.
2023.01.12 Changes have been made with the clan description.
2023.01.11 Fixed castle signs.
2023.01.10 Adjusted the gas shooter (gas self-arrows) description.

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