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2021.06.16 Corrections of grammatical errors were made in the dialogues on the Lithuanian server.
2021.03.25 The rest time is shortened by 1 second. Now the rest time coincides with the time displayed in the player information.
2021.03.19 You can move to a swampy forest with a flying carpet or a travel drink.
2021.03.11 Fixed a bug in the chat. And chat is now one for both servers.
2021.03.01 The game has been restarted. Fixed a bug with a lost key in the inn room.
2021.02.23 The game will be restart on March 1.
2021.02.18 Dressed items are marked in a different color.
2021.02.09 VIP membership can be purchased for points.
2021.02.08 When you drop an item, you return to the item list.
2021.02.04 It will now be harder to get royal armor.

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